Spice Mama’s Remedies

Traveling with adventurous, on the go people is just what the doctor ordered!!! I left Haines, Alaska three weeks ago to evaluate the viability of expanding the spice shop to Maine.

When I left, I was not moving that well because of a pinched nerve in my back. Tonight, I easily walked from the Juneau Airport to my hotel 1/2 a mile away, carrying a 20 pound pack and pulling 60 pounds of luggage after a six hour car ride and ten hours of air travel and airports. I am very proud of myself!!

I started a stretching program while away and my various travel buddies and I tried to walk 10000 steps a day while exploring the various expansion opportunities. Plus I used this essential oil blend I had made for my niece, who had migraines. She told me they go away instantly. (I call this blend “Energy Release.”) So I figured I would give it a whirl. I mixed it with an MSM arnica cream since its super concentrated.

I am hesitant to give all the credit to my Energy Release blend essential oil but it does deserve some recognition as using it several times a day enabled me to get moving more. It was the moving more though that helped me be able to, well move even more!! That, and the support and encouragement of my travel buddies.


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