Just Enough June

Now that “Moderation May” is complete, I am doing “Just Enough June.” This idea originated at a family party at the end of April when one of my nephews said he wanted to reign in his partying ways.

I liked the idea of having a month dedicated to tempering my own excesses – mine mostly in the realm of second helpings and just a smidge more of that yummy dessert while countering the urge to over due the exercising that often left me sore and disheartened.

During “Moderation May” I found myself moving a little more and consuming a little less. My clothes now fit a little looser as the winter pudge decreased a bit.

These ideas of moderation and just enough also fit when seasoning foods – using “just enough” becomes an art form. This post’s picture shows off a “beer can” chicken. We put just enough salt on it and let it work its magic for just enough time. We seasoned it with just enough Poultry Geist dry rub and smoked it with just enough heat. The result – absolute perfection.

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